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LITHIUM BATTERY MATERIALLithium Battery Materials: The company is devoted to changing the lithium battery with the power of Chemistry. It has a variety of materials in the field,mainly including lithium battery binder, solvent materials, etc. Our products can significantly improve the performance of lithium batteries by bettering resis-tance to high and low temperature, cycle times, and safety.


BinderElectrolyteModified Cellulose

High performance lithium battery binder

BM-430BNegative electrode binder with excellent dynamic performance
BM-451BThe negative electrode binder has good peeling strength and cycling performance
BM-400BThe negative electrode binder has good peeling strength and cycling performance
BM-1010BThe negative electrode binder has good peeling strength, cycling performance and excellent dynamic performance
BM-620BPositive polar water binder
BM-720HPositive or carbon nanotube dispersant
BM-900BWater-based binder for diaphragm ceramics
BM-2510MWater-based binder for diaphragm functional coatings
Customized and cooperative development of binderAcrylic acid and SBR binder can be customized and co-developed according to requirements


MODELViscosity RangeMolecular WeightApply To System
L-H1094000-5000150000Graphite Cathode
L-H1093000-4000123000Graphite Cathode
L-M2092000-300084000Graphite Cathode
L-L309100-1000/Silicon Carbon Anode/Coating Diaphragm
L-L20920-30/Solid Electrolyte

Performance Advantage

Lithium supplementation, first effect improvement, cycle improvement, DCR reduction, fast charging and discharging

The medium viscosity L-M209 has lithium supplementation effect, which has obvious improvement on circulation, kinetics and DCR

The high viscosity L-H109 added little, which improved the circulation, dynamics and DCR obviously


  • Conductive Paste

    The positive plate impedance can be significantly improved by shortening the processing cycle, dispersing acetylene black with high specific surface area evenly, high solid content and low viscosity.
  • NMP

    Industrial-grade American technology, electronic-grade South Korean technology, high purity, low moisture. Water value < 100ppm, other impurities are PPB level, Samsung SDI domestic designated supplier.
  • Silica Materials

    Japanese technology; After carbon coating, the size of active particles was not changed, the coating was uniform, the expansion of silicon particles was inhibited, and the circulation and initial effect were improved.
  • Electrolyte

    With an annual output of 10,000 tons, it will be put into production in June 2017. The project integrates r&d, production and technical services.
  • Hotline:4000-300655
  • Email:sales@jingrui-chem.com.cn
  • Address:168 Shanfeng Road, Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, China

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Address:168 Shanfeng Road, Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, China

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