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Jingrui Electronic Materials Co., LTD

Company Profile

Jingrui Electronic Materials Co., LTD (Stock code: 300655) is a technological new materials company encompassing R&Ds, manu-facturing, and sales. Its main products include ultra high purity reagents, photoresist, functional materials, lithium battery materials,and so on. Such products are widely used in semiconductor, LED,display, lithium battery, solar, and other emerging industries.

We have several independent intellectual properties, a professional and efficient R&D team, a well- equipped R&D system, and a func-tioning application platform. Simultaneously, we are developing technologically foresighted products, thereby consolidating and improving the company's competitive advantages.We have under-taken significant national projects such as National "863" and "02",and have made substantial contributions to the localization of elec-tronic materials.

We will uphold our mission to "maximizing our value to the nation,society, and customers" and devote ourselves to provide competi-tive products and satisfactory services to our customers. We adhere to the developmental concepts of "green chemistry for develop-ment" and "safety management". We are now forging ahead to the direction of "Made in China 2025", continually creating miracles,leading the course of the industry's development, and ensuring a better life for the people.

Development History
  • Hotline:4000-300655
  • Email:sales@jingrui-chem.com.cn
  • Address:168 Shanfeng Road, Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, China

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Address:168 Shanfeng Road, Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, China

All rights:Suzhou Crystal Clear Chemical Co., Ltd



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